Dog Knights Productions Compilation #2

by Cavalcades

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Exclusive track we contributed to a Dog Knights compilation. You can buy the CD here:

Recorded and mixed by Louis Craighead in a living room in May 2012.


released May 25, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: It Doesn't Matter What Your Name Is
I start to remember when we were younger, out of touch for two years but it seems to much longer. It's like we never stopped and like we never started at all. I want it to be okay, you always seemed to know me better. Enduring questions, you had the answers. Why can't I feel something? Nails rip through wood grasping for anything.

I feel like I've turned to stone, like nothing can bring me back. No love for anyone, indifferent and barely existing. Wanting to know how it turned out and wishing we could go back to being kids.

I still remember near every conversation, someone I knew I could trust. Let it all out right in front of your face, you never stopped believing in me. I miss that, the way you could always pull me back and always showed face.

Please believe me, I'll try to grow a little more, to help myself. I need you to help me to feel a little better, I miss feeling affection, I miss feeling anything. Can't see it in anyone anymore and it's a fucking joke. For something that came so easily to barely being able to imagine it, I wish I could go back there. I just want to go back there.